Tuesday, August 22, 2017

That's just me

I apologize for the disappearing act the last couple of days. Even though I attempt to come off as happy and carefree on the blog it doesn't always work out in real life. I was having a wee bit of a meltdown and when that happens it doesn't make for great blog post writing.

What can I say that's just me.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Just a little something

Well Thursday night my computer went all the way through it's updating and everything seems to be working ok. I guess I lucked out.

The other day while I was out walking I stopped to admire some of the flowers in front of the funeral home. I have always liked black eyed susans.

I took the picture and then I noticed a rock leaning up against the sign post. I left it there for someone else to find.

Do they paint and hide the rocks in your neck of the woods? If they do have you found any?

Friday, August 18, 2017

well that's a fine how do you do

Wednesday when I went to use my computer it said it was restarting. No biggie. I waited a bit but since I already had a post scheduled I got tired of waiting and went about my business. Yesterday I go up to do a post and it's still sitting there doing the same thing. I pulled the plug then turned it back on. As I type this it's saying installing updated do not shut down your computer.  Oops!

So now I'm hoping it updates everything ok and maybe tomorrow you'll get the post I was planning on today

How about an extreme blast from the past today

 Don't worry Gibbs said it was ok to post Duke so long if I used an old picture of him for the big finish

For the record  I don't like trying to  do a post from my tablet. It's a bit frustrating

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Easy peasy greeting cards

I had a bunch of plain greeting cards that have been sitting far too long. I also had some assorted cards for putting together quick albums. 
I simply adhered the journal cards to the card blanks and instand greeting cards.

9 quick all occasion cards

Maybe not the best layout but I sort of liked them
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