Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sorry if I disturbed you

It wasn't my intention to bother anyone with my mournful cries this morning but I was overwhelmed with grief at the passing of my vacation. It is with a heavy heart that I return to work today.

It was the laziest, most perfect vacation. I did a wee bit of crafting, a wee bit of shopping and mostly sat around sipping cold drinks and reading. It was a flip flop week and it really sucks that have to put on socks today.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

From the back yard

I looked out back the other day and couldn't figure out what I was seeing near the back of the yard. I grabbed my camera just in case it was something worth taking a picture of.

I thought they were rather interesting looking so I took two pictures. I've never seen any like these before.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Another jar.

I did a second candle jar that I haven't gotten around to showing you yet. This one has a Halloween theme.

And here it is with a candle in it.

Well my weeks vacation is almost over. I didn't make any plans but I did think I would do more crafting than what I have. I've been pretty lazy most of the week and it's been very nice. The weather has been great but quite humid and it's kind of sucked the energy out of me. I did go in to work yesterday to do my order and pick up my check and  I was able to catch up on all the stuff going on there. It seems there's been a bit of excitement going on with one person dropping 4 deli trays that someone ordered and saying "oh well, not my problem" then calling off the next day. Then there was another one who called up Wednesday night to quit with no notice and she was scheduled to open on Thursday. And here I've been just lounging on my deck enjoying the day.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

I'm being colorful

Every now and then I like to do selfies using facebook messenger because there are so many fun things you can add to your pictures.

I took a bunch the other day and this effect was so cool and colorful. The colors keep changing until you snap the picture so you get a different look every time. I made a collage of 4 of the ones I took.

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